Filmret ApS
Producer Rights Denmark (PRD) has entered into an administration agreement with Filmret ApS. Thus in practice, Filmret ApS is tasked with handling the rights placed with PRD for collective management. Filmret ApS is wholly owned by PRD. Filmret ApS is headed by managing director/CEO, Jørgen Ramskov.

Registration Denmark (REDK)
Registration Denmark (REDK) provides back-office services to PRD's members and right holders. It also registers and collects data concerning credits information from TV. This data is shared with a number of rights organisations under Copydan and forms the disbursement basis for several groups of right holders in the TV and film industry. REDK is wholly owned by Filmret ApS.

Portraits: Photographer Gyrithe Lemche

Jørgen Ramskov

CEO/managing director / +45 20277790

Jørgen Ramskov is as of 1 August 2020 acting CEO/managing director of Filmret ApS. Jørgen is responsible for the daily management of Filmret ApS in the interim period until a new CEO is in place. Jørgen is also CEO of the Danish Producers’ Association, vice chairman of Copydan Verdens TV and a board member of Producer Rights Denmark (PRD).

Neel Lykkegaard Andersen

Head of legal and business affairs / +45 28261900

Neel started working for Filmret ApS on 1 January 2016. Neel’s work involves ensuring Producer Rights Denmark (PRD)'s future compliance with the requirements laid down by the Act on Collective Management of Copyright. Neel also assists producers with advice on the rights managed by Filmret ApS.

Neel is a board member of Copydan KulturPlus as well as a board member of RettighedsAlliancen.

Neel comes from a position as Chief Legal Officer at the Danish Artist Union, where her duties encompassed providing individual legal advice, including advice on the collective management of artists’ rights. She was also responsible for the day-to-day management of the Union’s member services.

Martin Larsen

CFO / +45 27220427

Martin Larsen started working for Filmret ApS on 1 September 2016. Martin Larsen is the CFO of Filmret ApS and has been working as CFO in the tv- and film industry for more than 10 years.

Louise Kaya Martin

PA/Executive Secretary / +45 25120099

Louise Kaya Martin started working at Filmret ApS on 1 January 2016. Louise is the personal assistant/executive secretary of Filmret ApS. She also acts as web editor and newsletter editor. Louise works with system development at a time when old systems meet new and transparency requirements are in focus. Louise is also responsible for the administration of the collective funds.

Louise has previously worked for Koda’s Publisher and Member Services, where her duties focused primarily on advising members, distributing newsletters, administering collective funds and developing the membership system.

Louise Nielsen

Bookkeeper / +45 33862889

Louise Nielsen became a bookkeeper for Filmret ApS on 1 June 2015. As a natural part of her work for Filmret ApS Louise is also responsible for the bookkeeping of Producer Rights Denmark (PRD), which are administered by Filmret ApS. Louise is employed by the Danish Producers’ Association and thus divides her time between the Danish Producers’ Association and Filmret ApS.